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General information

The actual active substance of the drug is Sildenafil. It is a powerful selective inhibitor. It causes a rush of blood to the penis and slows down the process of ejaculation.

This medicine is intended to treat the first symptoms of impotence, prevent prostatitis, prostate adenoma, infertility. It has a powerful and fast action. You can feel positive effect just 15 minutes after taking the preparation. It is manifested via increased sexual energy and muscle tone, sensitivity of erogenous zones and stronger erection. Clinical trials have shown that the average duration of sexual intercourse under the medication is tripled.

The preparation has a smaller list of contraindications than the original Viagra. The action of the medicine is mild and harmless.

The medicine is available in the form of tablets and in the form of jelly as well. Recently the pharmacological company started to produce medicine in the form of jelly under the trade name Kamagra Super Oral Jelly.

The new medicine is actually no different from the tablets. It has the same pharmacological effects on the human body. At the same time it has a number of advantages such as rapid absorption, pleasant taste and higher efficiency.

Mechanism of action

After taking the drug in the presence of sexual arousal the smooth muscle relaxes and the blood flow increases in the cavernous body. That is why the use of the drug is not effective without sexual arousal.

The blood receives a sufficient amount of oxygen and fills the cavernous bodies of the penis. The result is a strong and prolonged erection.

The active component of the preparation blocks the enzyme PDE-5. Thereby, it is prolonging sexual contact. Also, the drug has a high quality antimicrobic action. Sildenafil combats infectious and bacterial pathogens and protects the genitals from inflammation.

Indications for use

Therapeutic indication is a derangement of erectile function in which a man feels a weak and short erection and premature ejaculation, a decrease in libido and a low quality of reproductive function. This topology is manifested as a complete absence of erection in the most severe cases. This condition can lead to male impotence without timely treatment.

There is the generally accepted view that erectile dysfunction is commonly attributed to middle age. However, today young men also have a tough time with the low potency.

The quality of health is affected by a variety of factors:

  • diseases of the genitals;
  • hormone disruptions;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • unhealthy habits;
  • stress and depression.

Kamagra Super in such cases helps to reduce the adverse manifestations of the outside environment and make a full recovery. The medicine is applied for the treatment of symptomatic premature ejaculation.

It is also applied for occasional administration in order to improve the quality of intimate life. It is recommended to take Kamagra Super as adjunct in complex therapy of infertility or prostatitis. The product can be used for prevention of impotence.

The effect of taking the medicine

The action of Kamagra Super starts 15 minutes after administration. Men feel a significant surge of strength and energy, increased vigor and endurance, an increased sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis and erogenous zones. The drug stimulates the reduction of the muscular tissue of the pelvic organs, which makes it possible to feel the strengthening of the erection.

Under the influence of Kamagra Super, sexual intimacy between a man and a woman can last up to three times longer. At the same time, the pleasant sensations are also enhanced. It is important to understand that this solution does not cause attraction and excitement. A positive result can be obtained only with natural stimulation.

Sildenafil activates the production of oxytocin – a hormone that enhances romantic feelings and gives you the opportunity to get maximum pleasure from sex. Also, the drug raises the level of testosterone in the blood, as a result of which the patient feels better in general, has increased immunity and vitality of the whole organism.


Kamagra Super has a number of contraindications which should be taken into consideration before usage. The medicine should not be taken if there is an allergy to Sildenafil. Individual intolerance to a substance can trigger serious complications.

The preparation is contraindicated in presence chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, severe disorders of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus), nephatony and hepatic disorders.

Other contraindications are:

  • hereditary pathologies of the retina,
  • trauma of penis,
  • inflammations,
  • high blood pressure,
  • conditions with which sexual activity is contraindicated (heart attack, stroke, band surgery in the abdominal cavity).

Kamagra Super cannot be taken by women, children, underage boys, patients older than 70 years. Men should use it with care if they suffer from frequent bleeding and epilepsy.

The medicine is not compatible with alcohol. Men should stop using alcohol for the period of treatment with the medicine. Alcohol slows the absorption of medicinal components in the blood, reducing the level of effectiveness of medicines and biologically active additives.

The combination of Kamagra Super with alcohol increases concentration of Sildenafil in the plasma. It can cause severe adverse reactions. It is highly likely to have negative effects, serious poisoning and intoxication of the organism while you are taking Kamagra Super with alcohol. Fatty food also negatively influences the effectiveness of Kamagra Super. Fats interfere with the rapid and high-quality absorption of medicinal ingredients into the blood from the walls of the stomach, as a result of which the effect of the drug starts much later and does not produce the expected result. The effectiveness of Kamagra Super is not influenced by food, the fat content of which does not exceed 30%.

This applies to both vegetable and animal fats. While receiving a treatment with drugs to increase potency, experts advise to add more fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to the daily diet, drink plenty of water, choose low-fat varieties of meat and fish, as well as to give preference to dairy products.


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